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Monday, April 19, 2010

The 2010 Lexington Alarm Tea

April 18, 2010. I was up bright and early, well maybe not so bright. The day was cloudy and a dense fog is what greeted me when I looked outside. But I knew, “Not to worry” after all, last year the 19th of April (the day of our 2009 Tea) followed several days of heavy wet snow and it cleared and was a most gorgeous day. I expected the same this year, and was not disappointed at all. The day was gorgeous, an absolutely beautiful April day in Northern Colorado.

The set up crew, Sally and Lind Weidlich, had the room all set up by the time I got there. Suzy Wells followed shortly and the fun began. We set about decorating the Fellowship Hall in the United Methodist Church in Windsor. I doubt the Church has ever been decked out in so much Red White & Blue and it was so pretty. The serving table was ready and soon it was loaded with the most delicious looking (and later to find out delicious tasting as well) food.

42 ladies gathered in Windsor, Colorado to commemorate the beginning of the great undertaking called the American Revolution. Friday’s Council Tree Chapter, NSDAR has made this our signature event and today was our second Tea. We are so proud to remember and honor the brave men that stepped up and met the challenge on April 19, 1775 at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts. I have to ask myself every year, would I have been so brave? I like to think so, but I can only say I am honored to be a descendant of a Minute Man. Our Chapter has the following members that are so descended: Lyn Rubenthaler, Judith Kallinger, Erma Devers, Kristen Rubenthaler, Julie Wise, Jane Gronewoller, Julie Ryan, Shanan Gronewoller, Ann Ghent, and your humble correspondent.

We were so happy to welcome Honorary Colorado State Regent, Gloria Grotzinger, Colorado State Corresponding Secretary Susan Baughman, and Fort Morgan Chapter Regent, Becki Molitor. Other DAR guests were from Fort Morgan, Centennial State, and Toll Gate Creek Chapters. Many non DAR guests were present and we were delighted to welcome them as well.

A special presentation was given to Jane Goodwin, 60 year DAR member. Her daughter, Regent Carolyn Goodwin, showed us a picture of Jane as a Colorado State Page at a State Conference about 1952-1954. She was as beautiful then as she is now. Fast forwarding to the present, Regent Carolyn Goodwin, introduced out very own 2010 Colorado State Outstanding Junior, Martha Rehm. Congratulations to Martha and we are very proud of her accomplishment and recognition. She is an excellent Friday’s Council Tree Chapter Ambassador.

Lyn Rubenthaler gave a short presentation about “Paul Revere, The Rest of The Story”. Yes, he is the best known Lexington Alarm patriot, but I have the feeling he may have had the best PR agent. It is good to hear his story though as he represents so many patriots, and we can let him be the hero of the day. We need heroes as there is a lacking them in our time, so why not Paul Revere? Thanks Lyn for the entertaining presentation.

The ladies then had an hour to eat, socialize, and buy voices for the two prizes, the beautiful quilt and the gorgeous pillow. The quilt was won by Ethel Maxwell and the pillow was won by Gloria Grotzinger. Both ladies were surprised and pleased to be the ones to take home such beautiful items made by Chapter members Christine Biondi (the quilt) and Iva Zajicek (the pillow).

The Tea Cup contest was won by Karla Flook (most patriotic), Iva Zajicek (the prettiest) and Suzy Wells (the smallest) – and it WAS tiny.

Thank you to all that attended, brought friends, brought food, set up and cleaned up. Special thanks to the Lexington Alarm Tea Committee, Suzy Wells, Laura Hicks and Paula Greenwalt. Thank you ladies, it was a very enjoyable and pleasant day. Your hard work is appreciated by all. I am also a happy camper --- why? Because I have some prospective members and that is what I enjoy most of all!! That is a Registrar’s dream.

I hope more can join us again next year ---- and bring a friend. patj

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