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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At Long Last ----- Thomas Griggs Gets His Due!!!

My day started off just fine. After a brisk walk in the light snow that fell last night I checked the database on the DAR database eMembership. When I have new members or new supplemantals waiting there I check every day -- several times a day, to see if any applications are verified. As chapter Registrar I have access to it to do my job. I was glad to see the word "verified" next to Thomas Griggs.

Two weeks ago I sent in additional information about my patriot ancestor Thomas Griggs. Finally, today they agreed with my proof that Thomas was indeed a patriot. I knew in my heart he was, but I had to find very definitive proof. Here is what the entry looked like this morning:
Griggs,Thomas (#1) Phebe (#2) 984 (#3) Verified (#4) 4/6/2010 (#5)

I added the numbers so I can explain the entry. (#1) is the patriot's name; (#2) is his child that I am descended from; (#3) a DAR specific code; (#4) the ideal disposition!!; (#5) the date the application was verified.

Thomas is patriot #28 and I still have Mathias Morton to reconcile with DAR. They have challenged that my ancestress Hannah Morton is his granddaughter. Wish me luck on this case. It will be a tough one. I know I have many more patriot ancestors but will I ever get through the brick walls I have on them? I have to take them one step at a time. Eventually I will find the missing links. Meanwhile, I am happy that Thomas Griggs has the honor he deserves. He is one of my favorite ancestors. I imagine him being a tough, solitary, hard working man that raised his family of 8 children in a wild and savage land -- before it was even legal to be there in the western edge of Virginia. Just like kids, the toughest ancestors are special.


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