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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010 --- A Typical Fort Collins Day ---Maybe

My activities this morning were rather unorthodox. Up at 5am to go to Miramont Lifestyles and do my regular exercise routine. Home to eat breakfast read the paper and take a nap (g). Yes, really, all of that before 8am!!

When I got up I realized I was out of lettuce for my noon time salad. Oh dear, for a vegan that's like an alcoholic being out of beer or whiskey. It was a bit cloudy out but the slight drizzle of rain had stopped so I bundled up and walked 3 blocks to Fort Collins Food Co-Op. Its my favorite old fashioned organic and health food store. Wouldn't you know it? The store doesn't open until 8:30 and I was there at 8:15. The Sun came out and sitting on the bench in front was very pleasant.

I noticed the big crane further west on Mountain Avenue but didn't pay much attention. I figured it was some sort of construction project. A young man sat down waiting for the store to open and he told me they were moving "The Statue" today. He said that there were only two cranes in the State big enough to lift it. I had mixed feelings about the news. The statue was incredibly ugly, and totally out of place, being located in the historic little square at Mountain and Linden. When I first saw it I was actually shocked at the strange figure that was block shaped and looked like it was running. I later learned it was symbolizing a figure emerging from the marble. At any rate, I just ignored it when I saw it and just figured it was there to stay. Apparently there had been a movement afoot to move the statue and stick it somewhere in a less "prime" location. Of course there was a lot of discussion about the huge cost to move a huge chunk of marble. And where would it be in a less embarrassing place?

After I bought my lettuce and Red Chard I decided to stop and watch the moving scenario. I finally left and walked toward home, on Remington Street. It was just a bit too nippy to stand there for too long. Actually, I was only interested in the rigging of it and the actual moving. I feel it is good to be rid of it.

Later this afternoon I was driving by and it was gone. Placed off to the side I saw a sculpture of a bucking horse with a cowboy waving his rope in the air. I wonder if that will be the replacement. Has anyone realized that it looks exactly like the Wyoming Bucking Bronc on their license plates?

Perhaps you have learned that I live a very vibrant and interesting place. That may be the reason I don't want to live anywhere else. I am blessed for sure. patj

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