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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 - Grandview Cemetery

The day was absolutely beautiful. Not too hot and a nice gentle breeze to remind me that summer is not quite here yet. I was early as I wanted to spend a few moments in Section F before going to the memorial site for the program. I decided to take John's walker as a lawn chair, since I didn't see any need to keep one when I downsized last October. This worked out fine though, as I could take my "chair on wheels" and carry my water and other essentials in the box. It was so comfortable to sit on I wondered why more people hadn't thought of it.

As I headed toward the main site a nice couple walked beside me and I asked him if he was a veteran and he said "yes". I thanked him for his service and he asked if I was a veteran and I said, "No, but my husband was in Korea." I had a wonderful view of the program and it was extremely emotional for me. John and I missed it last year as he didn't feel up to it, but we almost always came to Grandview for the ceremony. The music and speeches were very good and the 21 gun salute and other rituals were colorful and caused more than one person to wipe their eyes. Especially moving to me was the song Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes.

One reading really hit home to me. "An American Soldier Died Today" emphasized how often an American Soldier dies and no one notices because he was a soldier a long time ago. He went to war, did his duty, came home and got on with life by getting a job, having a family,raising them, doing what was expected of him and then as an old man he died and no one remembers him as that young American Soldier of so long ago. How politicians, statesmen, athletes and famous entertainers are paid all sorts of honors but that ordinary American Soldier slips into oblivion oftentimes unnoticed.

As I sat on my "chair on wheels" in Section F, after the ceremony, a man and woman came by admiring the huge pine tree near our "spot". It was the sort of day when there were no strangers and they began to visit with me. The man was also a Korean War veteran and we talked about that. It was the sort of day that a person brushes near others,and then will never see them again, but it leaves a warm and positive feeling in my heart. It was an emotional day and a good day. I needed to meet head on and bear my feelings today and there was no better place to do it than at Grandview Cemetery on Memorial Day 2010.

In answer to John's often spoken question "I wonder if anyone will visit my grave?" I can say "Absolutely!!". And I am proud to do so.

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Lewis' Journey said...

Thanks for sharing Grandma! Zoe and I are thinking about you. I hope you are feeling well.

Love C&Z