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Monday, May 3, 2010

From A Grateful Nation

A pleasant surprise happened today. I received this Certificate of Appreciation in the mail. I know John would be very proud to know his Army service was acknowledged. I am very proud to share it with you. It seems a small thing in the greater scheme of things, but it is nice none the less. I think of John's stories of the horrors of Korea in 1950-1951 and wonder how our young men that went to war could ever be the same -- and they weren't ever the same. Not then, not now.

At any rate, it is nice to receive a belated certificate in John's name. I am proud of him and I hope his family is as well. He did what his country asked, came home, raised a family and went on with life. May we all face our responsibilities as he did. Rest in peace, dear friend. patj

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