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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Teen Age Moms -- I Love Them!

The current trend in our society is to judge harshly teenage mothers. I will never do that. Mainly because, as you see, my mom was a teenager. When I had my daughter I was a teenager. I look at this 75 year old photo and see a young girl that faced a long life. But she had a look of hope as she held her baby daughter. Oh yes, many things were in the future that were going to be hard, but on that day, things were good. Criticize teenage moms? Never, not me, not ever. Nature prepares young girls to bear babies for a reason, they are healthier, have more energy and their babies are more apt to be healthy. Not that I advocate every young girl should get pregnant, its just that if it happens don't judge so harshly. In fact, I say we should celebrate it and get on with life (hard as it may be). This is one daughter that loves her own teenage mom (and dad as well) and I thank them for facing life head on and having me. The miracle of life is so precious as demonstrated in this picture. Happy birthday to me and thank you to mom and dad.

Don't you think my mom is beautiful? I do, but I am prejudiced.


Lewis' Journey said...

Hi Grandma,

Thanks for sharing this very special picture.

Happy Birthday!!!

Chad & Zoe

rbladvertising said...

Hey Grandma ... love the post. We can't wait to see you in a few weeks. We love you.

Happy Birthday!