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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole And Over The Rainbow

I think the rainbow pix are pretty and the hand sign is how IZ is known. But to explain further -- last week I was coming home late one evening and for some reason turned on the truck radio. I seldom ever turn it on as I don't care for distractions while I am driving. I couldn't believe my ears as the most beautiful song started to play. So simple, so peaceful, so beautiful. The ukulele and the man's voice was spellbinding. I had been in a sad mood that evening, but I immediately started to smile. I couldn't help it, it was mandatory!! It was as if God was giving me a big hug and saying "No matter how sad you may be, you can't change things that have happened, so stop it!"

I started singing along to the song, an old favorite, "Over The Rainbow" that reminds me of my childhood when Judy Garland sang it. Fortunately the announcer said the artist's name, but all I could catch was "Israel". When I got home I immediately went to Google and searched for "Israel" and "Hawaii". I found his name, then went to and ordered a CD that had the song "Over The Rainbow". Obviously not many people can pronounce his last name, so he is known as Brudda IZ.

Waiting for the CD was agonizingly long, so I opened my netbook and with WiFi I could listen to some videos of Brudda IZ. Finally on Friday I received my CD from and it has been playing ever since. I have been listening when I am home and I take my boombox with me and play the CD in the truck as well.

This afternoon I went to one of John's favorite places, and I took IZ with me. It was one year ago today that John died and I wanted to do something I knew he would have liked. On our afternoon rides we would sometimes go to the town of Pierce. It is a little, old fashioned, quiet town on Highway 85 between Ault and Nunn. It has a park that we would sit in and enjoy a treat of some kind. The streets aren't paved and there are no sidewalks in most of the town. A lot like the towns we both grew up in during the 40's and 50's. Its a step back in time. I haven't been over there since John died but decided today to go there.

I sat at our favorite picnic table and listened to IZ and it felt good to be in a favorite familiar place again. I couldn't help but look up at the sky and say "Hello friend, where are you flying today? Have you been Over The Rainbow lately?"

So the rainbow pictures are from Hawaii and the IZ hand sign is from Pierce,
Colorado. I think that's a powerful combination, don't you? Until later, patj


Chad Lewis said...

I miss you Grandma. I really enjoy reading your stories. Thanks.

Love - Chad

Chad Lewis said...

I just listened to the song...
what a great song. Thanks for sharing. Love Chad