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Friday, October 22, 2010

What Makes A Great Day??? Try October 20, 2010

What can make a day great or just ho-hum? For me it is a mixed bag of things. This day started off with sending DAR applications to Washington, DC. That's always a good thing for a DAR Registrar! 

Next I received an email from Washington, DC informing me that my 29th DAR Patriotic Ancestor has been verifed. That news is greater than great.  This man is Mathias Morton and he has been waiting for verification since March 2009.  Many things have transpired since then and finding more data about his granddaughter, Hannah Morton has been an obsession that has finally paid off when the supplemental was verified today. Hannah Morton was almost unknown --- but now she IS known and that's the pleasure I get from the work for her. Hannah was young when her parents died. I have not found her mother's name yet, but finally found her father --  and his father is Mathias Morton, thus another patriot for me.  If you know me very well you know that I collect patriot ancestors instead of salt and pepper shakers. 

Next, the beauty of the day and where I am blessed to  live seemed to really hit home today.  Our fall weather is unbelievable! It has been extremely mild, and so the leaves are still on the trees and just now being to turn gold, red, yellow and finally falling.  I grabbed my camera and took my annual "flag picture".  Last year it was from John's room in the nursing home, this year it is from the north side of DMA Plaza on Olive Street.                                                                                                                                                                 The log cabin on the left is that of Antoine Janis. Antoine was the first white man to settle in the LaPorte Colorado area. His cabin is what I see from my bedroom window at the Plaza.

The leaves in Fort Collins this year are absolutely the prettiest I have ever seen.  With no wind to make them fall they are hanging on the trees extra long.  As I drive down Remington Street it is magical and the leaves are so golden I feel like I am driving thru an arcade of bright yellow and gold neon lights, all compliments of Mother Nature.

Yes, this was a grand and extra special day for me. 

But the icing on the cake was when I received a call from the office at DMA Plaza and was offered an "assigned parking spot"!!  The  usual routine for parking around here is a bit like "Parking Place Bingo".  Having an "assigned parking spot" definitely moves a person into a higher level of the unwritten heirarchy.  I didn't really hold my breath for this day, because I said, "I have feet, I can walk just fine."  But did I accept the offer?  Absolutely, because as part of the human species, I like thinking I am special. The only down side of the "assigned parking spot" perk is that it means someone didn't need it any longer. I only wish for you a Great Day like I had on October 20, 2010.

Stay tuned for my next effort about "Characters".  I think you will enjoy it.   patj

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