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Friday, January 7, 2011

EggPlant? I Am So Sorry!

Last summer I wrote about my experience with the vegetable "eggplant". I didn't have a very high regard for it then as my one and only encounter looked rather unappealing and tasteless. I spoke some rather disparaging words about the humble vegetable, that is quite pretty but that was about all I could say about it in a positive manner.

Shortly, one of my friends that reads this blog, stepped up in defense of eggplant and said "It's our favorite vegetable." She offered to invite me over for an eggplant dinner and prove what a delicious food it is. In December I travelled to her house to partake of eggplant as she prepares it --- and she was right --- it IS delicious. As I left their house that evening I said, "I owe eggplant a big apology."

So to eggplants everywhere I publicly say, "I'm sorry for being so mean spirited and critical of you. You really do have a nice flavor, if prepared correctly."

Am I planning on buying anymore eggplant for myself? Hmmmmm, not in the near future. I am afraid I don't have the culinary magic to transform it into something delicious. But I would love to come to YOUR house and try it again. (g) patj

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