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Sunday, January 9, 2011

McConnels Run, North Fork of Elkhorn Creek, Kentucky

I found these pix of McConnels Run on Google. I guess I haven't told you that Google is my new Internet hero. Its a wonderful way to find ANYTHING. At any rate, I love Kentucky land records. Their website, is a fantastic place to search for these records and also to learn the very complex science of Early Kentucky Land Records. The top picture is of a site on McConnels Run that may be a future archealogy project to figure out how our early Kentucky ancestors lived. The bottom picture is of how the area looks along the watercourse. When I find a location for one of my ancestors (in this case John Gouldin) I try to find an image of the area so I can imagine how it may have looked. McConnels Run is located in Scott County and Fayette County Kentucky. The world and the area have changed since John Goulden received his 428 acres in 1785 but the watercourse is forever. Rivers and watercourses are a fascinating thing to study. For a permanent record of our ancestors study the watercourses they lived near.

John Gouldin's land was located on "McConnels Run, a branch of the North Fork of the Elkhorn emptying in on the North side thereof about 29 miles below Bryants Station". Bryants Station was famous because of the Indian raid when the women of the Station bravely went to the spring for water and made it there and back safely. Mr Bryants wife was Daniel Boone's sister. Bryants Station was later destroyed but it was 5 miles northeast of Lexington Kentucky. Why do I care? Because I want to pinpoint John Gouldin's land and maybe figure out where I can find records about him. Also, because I love to study land records.

Oh how I wish I could just run to the Family History Library and check some microfilm and try to find more about John Gouldin, but I can order what I need and find them anyway. I have a feeling the Gouldins are going to be my 2011 project.

Wish me luck and stay tuned. patj

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