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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The John Gouldin Land!!

Because the Kentucky Secretary of State website says McConnels Run runs thru Scott County and Fayette County Kentucky I think I have pinned down John Gouldin’s land location. I can see it on this map – if I have it figured correctly. I can pick out the North and South Forks of the Elkhorn. The main watercourse that comes thru Scott and Fayette Counties and empties into the North Fork is the one at the purple arrow.

The land description is "428 acres lying on McConnals Run, a branch of the North Fork of the Elkhorn emptying in on the North side thereof about 29 miles below Bryants Station". With Bryants Station being 5 miles northeast of Lexington this all fits. It’s probably as close as I will ever get to seeing this land that I just learned about.

The red arrow is Jessamine County Kentucky. This is where John Gouldin’s son, John Gouldin Jr married Sally Williams 5 January 1803. He had a son named – wouldn’t you know it -- John Gouldin. He had a daughter named Ruhama , she had a son named Abraham Windle, he had a son named John and he had a daughter named Hazel Belle and she had a daughter named Dorothy Olive Cary – my mother. My grandmother would be amazed at knowing this much about her ancestors. I am the one finding it and I am amazed!

I am sure I am close to solving the “John Gouldin Case”.

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