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Monday, May 30, 2011

I Knew A Veteran Or Two -- May 30, 2011

I have had the privilege to know several American Veterans. My husband, John Edwin Johnson, was a combat veteran of Korea. Like most veterans, he was very young, because War is a young man's game. He had lied about his age to join the Wyoming National Guard in Lovell, Wyoming. Suddenly, he was thrust into a War half way around the World. He went, he served, he remembered terrible memories and he persevered with life when he returned.

My stepfather, Lee P Johnston, was a combat veteran of WWII. He has been gone for two and a half years but I remember his stories of being behind German lines as a downed paratrooper and having to survive and hide until he could reach his own unit. He was a strong man and after his War experiences there wasn't much that scared him, how could anything scare you after being in War? Like so many other WWII veterans he came home and went on with life.

My brother in law, Wendell Johnson, is a combat veteran of Vietnam. I am not sure how many tours he served, but he was subjected to Agent Orange and lives with that after effect. I am proud to know him.

And this brings me to today, May 30, 2011 as I attended the Memorial Day Service at the Windsor Cemetery. It was the first that my DAR chapter, Friday's Council Tree Chapter participated in. It was a beautiful day with intermittent clouds trading places with sunny skies. The ceremony was conducted by the Forbes McKay American Legion Post 109. Our own chapter member, Karla Flook, presented a great and inspiring speech followed by American Legion Commander, Daniel Barrera and Windsor Mayor John Vasquez. The bagpipe music and the beautiful singing of patriotic songs was very emotional. It was a beautiful ceremony and am so glad I attended. We all need that reminder at least once a year -- that we owe so much to so many.

I am proud to be a veteran's wife, a veteran's daughter, a Daughter of the American Revolution, and I am especially proud to be an American. patj

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