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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lady and Tramp at the Family Tree

This amazing Family Tree was sent to me today. I helped a man in Longmont last week when I spoke at the Longmont Genealogical Society and he sent me this card as a thank you. At first glance it looked like an interesting thank you card but upon reading the text I realized it was something very special. The picture was painted by Barbara Stone in Longmont, Colorado in 2008. I wanted all to share a really neat idea and a beautiful work of art. I called Mr Meyer and asked his permission to post it on my blog. I had the nicest conversation with him and he promised that if I speak again at Longmont he would be there. This is another example of the nice things that happen when you get into genealogy. Enlarge the text by double clicking on the image. It is a wonderful story. patj

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