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Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Michael Farris and Phebe Dudley Family - 1749-1795 - Madison Co Kentucky

One of the good things about preparing for my "Old Kentucky Trip" is that I am reviewing old cases that I had filed and put away long ago. That is ALWAYS a good thing in genealogy. One of the things I found was a copy of a Bible page that describes the family of Michael Farris and Phebe Dudley. I received it years ago from a lady in St Louis Missouri, and I have no idea who's Bible it is, but it is a nice addition to anyone that is researching this family. In the world of genealogy, reviewing is a good habit to get into. However, in our busy lives we tend to not go back and do that until someone asks us a hard question or we stumble onto a new clue and have to reopen a case. Hopefully, this well written picture of my Farris family will aid someone else in their journey. I also found the mention of a town named "Farristown" in Madison County Kentucky -- that is now on my itinerary for sure. Yes, REVIEWING is always a good thing!! patj

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