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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Incredible Snap Pea & The Two Year Old

What a wonder life is at age 2. At a C.A.R. picnic today I couldn't help but observe what it would be like to be so excited about the world that everything is new and joyful. As little Caelin brought handfuls of snap peas to one of the ladies, he stood perfectly still, enthralled, and he intently studied her every move as she zipped them open. When she opened them to reveal the tasty beans inside he would quietly say "Ohhhhhhh" with great heartfelt reverence. Then he would help himself and scoop the beans out and munch them down. In his world it was better than the latest movie, a stage show, a cartoon show. It was a real eye stopping show for me, and I thought how many can remember being so excited about life? Not many because by the time our memory kicks in we have usually left that "wonderment" age. It was so much fun to watch him. I don't think the most talented actor can portray sheer joy and wonder as I saw it today. I will remember that scene for a long time. Too bad that when we were young parents we usually missed out on such scenes because we were busy "doing things". There is so much to be said for being age 2 and being age 76. (The picture in this piece is NOT Caelin but a little boy that seems to be enjoying something green. He reminded me of Caelin.)

Moral of the story? See more wonder around you, it's fun. patj

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