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Monday, September 26, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am?

Recently, I started thining about how my identity is connected to external forces, things and people. I like to think I am a "stand alone" type of person, when in fact that is not true -- not for me and not for anyone else. Because my pickup had a temper tantrum last week, I was suddenly without it as it was repaired. I realized how much my feeling of well being is connected to an inanimate thing like a pickup. Or IS it inanimate? That is open for debate. To complicate things even more, I am a VW type of person, but I don't have one anymore. But, it is my Blog so I can show anything I want to, right?

I remembered when my computer had a nasty virus last winter, and when it was in the shop, I had the same empty feeling while it was gone. I was fortunate to have a back up in my netbook, so I was able to cope for a week without my PC. But it is hard to have an extra vehicle to lean on in tough times. My computer is much older than the one pictured, but again I can day dream when writing my Blog.

This whole thing got me to thinking of the past. I do that quite often because I am a genealogist, and we tend to travel in the "past lane". I remember a time when my identity was as someone's daughter, someone's wife, someone's mother, etc, etc, etc. And, of course, after beginning to work, I was linked to my job description.

Maybe the theme of this story is that we are never an island. We are always connected to other things and other people. I wouldn't have it any other way. There is a popular Genealogy TV Series called "Who Do You Think You Are?", but I prefer to say "Who Do I Think I Am?"

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