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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 2012 Lexington Alarm Tea

                               15 April 2012---- The Lexington Alarm Tea

This was a blustery April day in Colorado. It was typical of springtime in the Rockies, for sure. We had blue skies, cloudy skies, wind, sleet and rain. However, the atmosphere in the United Methodist Church was warm and friendly and 40 people gathered in Windsor, Colorado for the 4th Annual Lexington Alarm Tea. This is the signature event for Friday’s Council Tree Chapter, NSDAR and it has become one of our favorite events.

We gathered to honor the patriots that stepped up on April 19, 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts. There were 16 guests, and we love guests. We welcome all of our guests and hope they will visit us again. Special guests were three younger ladies, Ashlee, Rebecca and Anna. It is so nice to see the next generation up close and personal. You can rest assured; we are in good hands for the future. Another special guest was the Regent of Zebulon Pike Chapter, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The refreshment table was gorgeous with red rose bouquets and a pair of tall candelabra with lighted candles. The food was beautiful, and as always delicious. We have the best cooks in the world!!

After the welcome by the chapter Regent, we had a wonderful and fitting prayer by the Chaplain, and then proudly did the patriotic exercises. Our good friend and rescuer (as in driving our float in the parade) Dave, arrived to take the “official group photo”. This was a fun exercise as he tried to get 40 people to all look the same direction, all smile and all have their eyes open at the same time. It could almost be part of the program. Needless to say, he was quite successful and we look forward to a beautiful picture.

Lyn R., with the assistance of Karla F., gave a great program about Lexington, Massachusetts. Lyn was our personal tour guide as she led us through Lexington and the primary buildings that were such a big part of April 19, 1775. She had excellent pictures of the buildings as well as the Cemetery where many of the participants are buried. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be descended from one of the Lexington Alarm patriots. There are six of these patriots represented in our chapter, John Stiles, Ebenezer Sanford, Elias Newton, John Pierson, Captain Nicholas Bishop and Captain James Booth.

Pat Johnson read the roll call of the 17 chapter members that are descendants of the Minute Men that stepped up to be counted on April 19, 1775.

This year we had a Teapot Contest. The Prettiest teapot was hand painted; Most Whimsical teapot was adorable with colorful cats; Antique teapot was small and elegant. The Hat Contest winners were for: Most Patriotic hat, Most Elegant hat and Prettiest Hat. The lucky winner of the large quilt was Linda S. The rest of the afternoon was spent socializing and visiting. Making new friends and renewing old friendships is always a fun time.

Thank you to the Lexington Alarm Tea Committee. They are Michele (Chairman) and members Iva, Ashley and Phyllis. Phyllis, Ashley and Iva made the cute tea bag favors. Thank you to the chapter members that came early and set up and stayed and cleaned up --- and brought the delicious food. And a special thank you to our good friend, Lind W. for being our official room arranger. What would we do without him?

I have a feeling that all went home feeling good about the day and good about our patriot ancestors and good about our history. I know I did.

For the members that missed the 2012 Lexington Alarm Tea, I hope you will be able to join us next year. It is a fun day.

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