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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Lucky Lady's Bachelor Pad

I am so lucky --- yesterday my friend, Vicki brought me some fresh cut Lilacs from her yard.  They are so beautiful and smell wonderful.  I put them in a vase and set them in the middle of my kitchen/living room/work project table.  As I was admiring them it dawned on me that so much of what I am about was centered in that one spot.  So --- why not snap a picture and share it.  I love my bachelor pad and feel so fortunate to live here.

There are the Lilacs in the center. Aren't they gorgeous? 

My spoon collection is displayed on the wall - it goes wherever I go.  I started collecting them in the 1950's with my first one being a copper spoon bought in Denver.  In my little Western Nebraska hometown, going to Denver for the weekend was an exciting trip.  I bought the little copper spoon on one of those weekend trips. 

A picture of my husband, my daughters and my grandchildren at a picnic in 1990.  We could all gather at one place, at one time, and get in one picture.  My family is bigger now, and just as precious, but this is one of my favorite pictures.

Two 5 Generation pedigree charts are on the wall.  One for me and one for John Johnson.  I made them when I was working at Hewlett Packard and I was experimenting with a new word processor program called AmiPro.  It is no longer in existence, but these charts are the result of the "Org Chart" feature in AmiPro.  We both had a few blank spots in the beginning, but we found all five generations of ancestors, so it is fully filled up now.

Oh yes, the stacks of papers on the table, hmmmm, this is my project collection.

Each stack represents an upcoming project I am working on.  It includes a workshop, several presentations, a story I am in the middle of writing about my Kentucky Goulden Family, an indexing class scheduled for May.  I wouldn't dare show you the computer table!  But, I am happy as long as I have a healthy stack of papers on the table.

So to think a bachelor pad is only for happy males is so incorrect.  Ladies have them and are happy in them as well -- at least this one is.   May you each find a special place.  Patj 


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