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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Follow The Google Brick Road - May 5, 2012

The Google Brick Road

What a fun day it was on Saturday May 5, 2012. To be able to talk GOOGLE to 18 people in a workshop held in the new iLearn Lab at Loveland Public Library was great. The brand new computer lab has 15 computers, an instructor computer, white board, comfortable work stations and chairs and good lighting. Two of us brought netbooks for the extra registrants and one lady brought her own laptop so we had just enough computers.

We started the workshop doing exercises that covered eight good Google tools that can help genealogical research.

After working together on the eight tools we started our free time.  This was intended to be the time all could go wherever they wanted to in Google.  With three volunteers in the room they could raise their hand and get help. 

Of course, the group found things that we weren't familiar with which led to group discussions, and became a two way comunication highway as we traveled on the Google Brick Road.  Just like Dorothy and Toto we were on a fun and fast moving trip.

As the folks left there were several comments like, "I have to get home and try this now." or "I am absolutley amazed at what all there is in Google." and "I would like more and tougher tools."

Will we ever do another "Google Brick Road" Workshop?  I have no idea, it is sponsored by the Larimer County Genealogical Society, and it will be their decision about future workshops.

As for me, I went home feeling good. I enjoy talking and teaching genealogy, and I am so fortunate to have an avenue to do that.  That avenue on May 5th was the "Google Brick Road".

Stay tuned for my next adventure coming up onWednesday May 9.  If I survive that is.  Patj

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