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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday # 80 --- John E. Johnson

80 years ago, on August 21, 1932, a baby boy was born to John Robert and Cora Eyre Johnson.  He was born at his maternal grand-parent’s homestead in Cowley, Big Horn County, Wyoming.  He was the first born of this young couple, and they were very proud of their first son.  There would be many challenges and troubles and hard times for them, but on this day things were perfect for them. 

John told the story of his mom’s younger sisters making her walk along the ditch bank on August 13 in hopes that this would cause her baby to be born on Cora and John’s 1st wedding anniversary.  He heard this story from his aunts and grandmother.  However, as we know all too well, baby’s come when THEY want to, so he waited until August 21.
We used to have a note that the two new parents had written the measurements of their new baby.  I gave the notebook with John’s documents to his oldest son so I no longer have that little slip of paper.  It told the diameter of his head, his chest, his arms, his legs, and how long he was, the color of his eyes, the color of his hair.  When I looked at the piece of paper I could imagine a young couple, engrossed in the marvel of their new baby and what the future would hold for him.   
John liked to tell the adventures of a boy growing up in the little town of Lovell, Wyoming and the freedom little boys had then to run and play and get in trouble and have close calls that their parents never knew about.  I miss hearing those stories, and I am glad I remember many of them – there is no one alive now that was a witness to those stories. 
John and Cora had four more children, and all were just as precious, but nothing would be as special as the first baby.  Even though life was not perfect for the Johnson family, on August 21, 1932, all things were good and beautiful. 

“Happy Birthday John Johnson”.    Patj

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RC said...

Greetings Patricia Johnson;
I came across a document on Roots Web titled "Johnson Ancestral Bridges Spanning Time and Eternity" Your name was listed as a source. I am going to assume you have a family connection to the Johnsons mentioned in the document. I am also related to the Johnson/Rowden line, my gg grand parents. Claude and Anna Johnson Clark who are mentioned; are my great grand parents. I would love to learn more about this line of the family I have a strong connection to Claude and Anna Clark. I am Russell Claude Clark Jr. My father and grandfather used the name Claude and my son is Ryan Claude.
It appears there was a reunion in 2006, do they still meet? When I visit Claude and Anna's head stone I often wonder where the descendants have gone. Im looking for any information about these families. If my assumption is wrong, Accept my apology for taking your time.