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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is This My Farewell To Kentucky?

At long last, my latest book is completed, printed, copies sent to three  libraries and the rest waiting to be mailed to unsuspecting kids and grand kids. It has been a fun project and now I am ready to move on to other US States to do the same thing about other ancestors. Coming next is Ohio and Illinois.  Of course, this means another "road trip", my favorite kind of vacation.  As I venture into Clermont and Highland and Warren Counties Ohio it will be tempting to slip across the beautiful Ohio River into Kentucky for just a quick visit.  As you know by now, I have a deep love affair with Kentucky.  It isn't just the scenery that enthralls me, it is more the ancestors from there that enthrall me.  I studied them and found so many wonderful and interesting things about them, that they became very much alive to me.  And then, writing and documenting the stories, led me to know them even better.  My main passion now is writing and sharing these ancestor  stories.  If my papers and binders full of ancestors disappear someday, the stories and facts live in in my writing.  Writing and Sharing -- that is what I can do to honor my ancestors.  This book is eighty one pages, not a huge book, but it tells the life stories of nine Kentucky families.  I can only hope you will do something similar for your ancestors.  Happy Writing ---- Patj 

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