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Friday, November 2, 2012

Thompson Family Entries Found in Bethel Baptist Church Minutes 1806-1867 Jackson Township, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri

Thompson Family Entries Found in Bethel Baptist Church Minutes 1806-1867 Jackson Township, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri found on FHL Microfilm Number 1698287

Transcribed November 2012, by Patricia A Johnson, fifth great-granddaughter of Closs Thompson, Jr. and Rebecca Wilson.

When the records indicate a member was received "by letter," it means that the person joining Bethel Baptist Church had previously professed faith in Christ and had been baptized (immersed) by another Baptist church of like faith, and the church from which the member came, sent a letter indicating that. Those dismissed by the Bethel church were given a letter indicating the same.

A person could also be received “by experience” of a former baptism by immersion in a church of like faith, and a personal testimony of faith.


January 12, 1811 Closs, Rebecca, Wilson & Mary Thompson and J. Reynolds, received by letter.

February 8, 2012 Received Benjamin Thompson by experience.

February 9, 1812 Mary Thompson received by experience.

July 14, 1812 Received by letter Jean Thompson.

September 13, 1812 Jeremiah Thompson received by experience.

September 10, 1814 Wilson and Mary Thompson dismissed by letter.

January 7, 1815 Closs, Rebecca, Jeremiah Thompson dismissed by letter.

August 13, 1831 Received Samuel Thompson by experience.

September 8, 1832 Received Benjamin Thompson by experience.

January 9, 1836 Members to visit Sister Thompson and inquire why she has not attended church meetings for so long.

February 13, 1836 Brethern Jno Sheppard and Wik____ who were chosen to visit Sister Thompson, they have seen her and her reasons are that she has not been able to attend for the want of a suitable opportunity and she does not know that her chance will ever be any better, but expresses a desire to be with the church.  With these reasons the church was satisfied.

January 13, 1838 Brother Samuel Thompson made a deacon.

May 9, 1840 Died July 13, 1839 Jane G. Thompson.

February 11, 1854 Departed this life Benjamin Thompson aged 80 years. Left a wife, son and grandson at the farm and other children scattered about. [He would be born about 1772 and is likely a brother to my ancestor, Closs Thompson, Jr. (Patj)]

August 1862 Mary Thompson wife of Benjamin Thompson departed this life 1862.


After several years of living in Campbell County, Kentucky, Closs Thompson, Jr. and his family moved to a new frontier called, The Missouri Territory.  The Bethel Baptist Church of Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri Territory, was formed in 1806.  In the minutes of that church are several entries that record the Closs Thompson family and their activity as members. We find the following entries that document their arrival and their departure from Missouri Territory.  “On 12 January 1811, the Bethel Baptist Church received by letter, Closs Thompson, Rebecca Thompson, Wilson Thompson, Mary Thompson and John Reynolds.”   “On September 13, 1812 Jeremiah Thompson received by experience.” And later, “On 7 January 1815, Closs Thompson, wife and son, Jeremiah dismissed by letter.”

This is where Jeremiah Thompson enlisted in, Captain Andrew Ramsey's Mounted Rangers, in the War of 1812. He was mustered for one year service from May 1, 1813 to May 1, 1814. He only had to serve for 120 days and was paid from January 1, 1814 to April 30, 1814.  

Bethel Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist church west of the Mississippi.

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