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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Was A Very Good Year

With the closing of another year I like to reflect on what has been accomplished or attempted and what will never be attempted again.  2012 has now rolled in to my reflective world and is about to become history.  As I look back I wonder how I did all that I did manage to accomplish. Mostly the schedule of speaking engagements for genealogy programs and teaching classes and workshops. 

I began 2012 by sending my list of genealogy programs to as many genealogical societies as there are in a 50 mile radius.  Surprisingly, all asked me to speak except Broomfield.  There was one surprise when I was contacted by Pikes Peak Society to speak in June in Colorado Springs. I had not sent them a list, but they had heard about "The DAR Genealogical System Is For Everyone".  That meeting was on the same day as my scheduled program at Longmont, but was in the evening and because Longmont meets in the afternoon --- I said "yes".  As it came closer, I asked myself several times, "Why did you do that?"  It turned out to be a marathaon of driving and "nap withdrawal" but it was fun and I really did enjoy the day.  Needless to say, I was very glad to arrive back in Fort Collins at midnight.

The rest of my presentations were "normal", like no more than one per day and that is my set standard now.  I pretty much averaged one program per month for 2012.  I am slowing that down for 2013. No extra advertisement and if some ask from last year's list that will be great, otherwise, it will be considerably less in 2013.  The driving is the most tiresome part of it.

I had my usual Inservice lessons at the Family History Center each quarter and that is always a fun thing.  A few extra programs, such as The Civil War Roundtable and a Nurses Reunion held in Loveland in September.  I filled in at the Cheyenne, Wyoming "Family History Days" when a speaker cancelled on them.  Can you tell?  I love to talk about genealogy.

This year, instead of a big road trip, I had the chance to go to Salt Lake City with my friend, Martha. A week in SLC is a dream for a genealogist.  The Family History Library is such a great resource for finding records.  I had a chance to see Chad, Zoe and Oliver one evening when they took me and Martha out for pizza. 

I completed my book about my Kentucky Ancestors this year.  That will be my gift to my descendants in December.  It turned out quite well and I am sure they will enjoy it, if not now, at some time in the future.  What I wouldn't give to have had any of my ancestors give me something like that!

Now my plan is to do the same thing for my ancestors in Illinois and Ohio --- the target for my Road Trip of 2013.  I like to have an adventure on the horizon and that is it for 2013.  I like to drive and see America and see where my ancestors lived.  I can find records on the Internet, in Libraries, in Google, in, but to find the real nitty gritty things I need to go there and look for myself in the little local places.  Besides that, it is a treat to visit these places.

As co-ordinator for the Larimer County Genealogical Society indexing project, I was delighted, relieved, amazed, and happy when we finished the 1885 Colorado State Census on October 23, 2012. The project began in December 2010 with a training session and went through various hills and valleys until the end.  Our mascot was Waldo the Census Taker and where he was spotted as he traversed the highways and byways of 1885 Colorado recording all sorts of people.  We had a fantastic team of people that were determined to finish this project.  In the end our Society indexed 40% of the whole with the other 14 Societies doing the rest.  We arbitrated 60% of the project, so Larimer County folks can rest assured that they did a great job.

The year was topped off by seeing my descendants (that is family to normal people) at Thanksgiving. It was fun to see them all together in one place.  I am sorry Laurel and Logan couldn't be there.  Poor girls, they had to stay in Hawaii (G).

So in closing, I have to say I am one of the most blessed people I know.  2013 will have it's own challenges and projects and activities, but 2012 was a very good year for me.  It will be hard to top it. Closing for 2012 and I will see you in 2013 ----- Patj

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