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Sunday, November 17, 2013

From Kentucky Ancestors November 15, 2013 -- Am I Interested?

It was a pleasant surprise to come home Friday afternoon and find an email message in the inbox from The Kentucky Ancestors magazine.  I have had many stories published there, but with the transition to an online magazine, I figured the others I have sent would go by the wayside in the shuffle.  Asking an author if they are interested in publishing their work is like asking a fish if they are interested in water. I can hardly wait to see how my stories will look in the new format.  I have to admit I will miss the real magazine that I could read in bed, but, just like old ladies, apparently its time has come.  This fits perfectly my new mantra, "Stay Flexible".  Of course, you will be the first to know how it looks when published online.  Stay tuned --- Patj  

"According to his files, I have four articles from you….and we are contacting you in the hopes of publishing a couple of them in our new format. We are seeking new Feature Articles and two of your articles seem very well suited to our readers.

The first one we would like to publish is: John Storms and Hannah Collard: My Mystery Ancestors

The second article we would like to publish is: Benjamin Campbell and Cloe Farris, and Those Wonderful Kentucky Tax Lists

Due to the number of articles we have in the queue at the moment, we can only take these two at this time. The first article would be published almost immediately if you permit. The second would be more in the summer months of 2014 as we like to spread out the various submissions.

Let me know if you would be interested in letting us publish these articles.
Thanks! "

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