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Friday, November 29, 2013

November 22, 2013 -- Not A Good Day -- No Way

It started out to be a nice, normal, regular, Friday.  A trip to the Post Office to get my mail, back home, and a quick bite before a meeting with my friend Mary Z at 1:30.  I had just about cleared the intersection of South College and Olive Street when a tremendous impact hit my car on the passenger side.  My first thought was, "What did I do now."  I looked in  my rearview mirror and I could see I still had the green light, so I wasn't at fault there.  The driver that was traveling north on College came running over to me.  He said, "Are you okay?"  I spit out a few choice words that in essensce said, "No, I am not okay you ran a red light!"  Imagine the Toyota in the picture completely bashed in on the passenger side -- enough that it is a total loss!!

I want to tell you about the two young men came running over and talked to me immediately.  They were nice enough to stay until the Police arrived and give a statement of what happened. I was so lucky to have two eye witnesses that were willing to stick around for me. There really are some nice people out there.  I wish I had gotten their names so I could thank them.

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking to the Police, the EMT Personnel, calling and cancelling appointments, and sitting in the Urgent Care at Riverside and Lemay Avenues.  I got home from all that about 5pm, and dropped everything on the table, and got ready for bed.  I have not been so exhausted since the trauma of my husband dying in 2009.  "Black and Blue" does not even begin to cover it. I couldn't get in to the regular Dr until next Wednesday, November 27.  What ever happened to having a Dr when you need one?  Long ago days I guess.  And of course, Thanksgiving this week doesn't help in anything either.

The insurance company (S.... F...) that is so famous does not impress me.  Not in my books, but I am grateful the perpetrator HAD insurance at all.  They furnished me a rental car and the Enterprise manager said it was good for 30 days. Lies, all lies.  I have it for 10 Days!!  Now it is close to that date and I don't have a car and I spent Thanksgiving Day driving around the car lots and looking when others were eating turkey (g).  I spent today, Friday November 29 looking at cars as well.  I almost did something really dumb by buying a Subaru on impulse.  Knowing my compulsiveness, I only put a deposit in it, and I will go and try to get that back tomorrow.  I expect to be successful.

I sort of lost it when I realized I should NOT buy that Subaru.  My instinct (or my Heavenly Father) set in and told me loud and clear -- DO NOT DO IT.  I didn't know what I WAS going to do, but I knew what I was NOT going to do.

I have been car shopping online, which is a fun thing to do I must say.  When I settled down I decided to check Pedersen Toyota.  I saw a car I liked so I called.  The nicest young man answered and his voice immediately calmed me down.  To make a long story short, I will meet him tomorrow to test drive two vehicles.  I thanked him for sounding so nice when I was in a desperate situation.  It was not a big thing to him I am sure, but it sure was to me.

Wish me luck tomorrow.  Stay tuned for the next chapter in my sad, sad story. Patj

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