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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Part Of Something Bigger Than Myself --- What Fun -- Worldwide Indexing Event --

On Sunday evening July 20, 2014 the clock started at FamilySearch Indexing in Salt Lake City. On Monday evening July 21, 2014 the clock stopped at FamilySearch Indexing in Salt Lake City.
Indexers and arbitrators began an indexing marathon to set a new record for a 24 hour number of indexers and number of records.  I tried to start at 6pm sharp -- and I couldn't get on.  The error message was that the server was down.  Oh dear, not a good start. On Monday morning I could get logged in and completed a couple of batches of obituaries. I was determinded to participate if even in a small way.
I had errands to take care of but got back to the indexing about 4:30.  Then the batch I was indexing started doing strange things.  I could fix it by exiting and logging back in for awhile before it started again.   After the third time I called Salt Lake (1-866-406-1830) to see what was happening. The indexing consultant I talked to shared my batch so she could see what was happening -- and of course, it wouldn't misbehave for her at all.  We stopped the sharing of the batch and I hung up.  But not before I said "The Adversary is alive and well, isn't he?" She agreed.
Finally at 6pm Monday night I signed off from FamilySearch Indexing for the evening.  Today FamilySearch informed all of us (and the rest of the world as well) what the final tally was.  I have copied the announcement below. It was an interesting experience and I am glad I participated. 5,700,000 new records that will be available to researchers is a big deal. 66,511 indexers and arbitrators participated.
"These generous indexers and arbitrators made a true difference. Each record and each name indexed and arbitrated matters. It only takes one to open the door to linking generations of families together. Without question, thousands of lives will be changed as a result of this day’s effort.
While the focus for this challenge was on the total number of participants, a tremendous amount of indexing and arbitration work was accomplished as well. Here are the results for the number of records indexed and arbitrated.
Indexed: 4,682,746
Arbitrated: 941,932
Total Records Processed: 5.7 million
Worldwide Indexing Event BadgeOur ancestors deserve to be remembered. You can be proud to be the one who made the difference for someone else who is looking for their ancestors. Because of you, they will know the joy of adding a new branch to their family tree. Thank you!"

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