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Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015 - A Wonderful Day In Loveland - Family Discovery Day

Today was a wonderful experience.  How often can you spend an entire day with a great number of genealogists?  For the second year I was invited to participate in this wonderful event.  I consider it an honor to be included.  I gave two presentations, On The Day You Were Born and Tear Down That Wall - Winning the Brick Wall Game.  It was such a good experience, I can't even describe it.  Talking about genealogy or genealogy related topics is my favorite thing to do.  Plus, I really enjoy preparing Power Point presentations.  So for me it is definitely a win- win situation.  To see old friends and make new friends is such fun.  Was I tired after the day was over?  You bet, because sleep doesn't come easy the night before a day like this.  You bet, because there is a lot of hard thinking about how you are doing. You bet, because it is a mental and physical exercise in setting up the technical equipment.  Would I have missed it?  Not on your life.  Was it worth the effort?

As you can guess, I wouldn't have missed for the world. Here is to 2016 in Loveland.  Stay tuned. Patj

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