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Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015 -- It Is Fantastic

Aren't they pretty?  Roses from my great grandchildren, Oliver 4 1/2 and Stella 1 3/4. They fill my apartment with the scent that only roses can give.  In the small vase are what is left of the glads that my youngest daughter brought to me on Sunday when she arrived for a week's visit.  And what a delightful week it has been.  We have been busy doing all sorts of things.

We went to the Civil War Roundtable on Monday and we both enjoyed the meeting very much. We had an out of town speaker from the Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable and the program was very well done and well received by about sixty local Civil War buffs.  After the meeting we went to our favorite restaurant, Lupita's.  We were both stuffed after overdosing on Mexican food.  It is soooooo good.

On Tuesday we went to the movie, "Monkey Kingdom" and it was another treat for sure.  It was an amazing nature/animal movie about the monkeys in Sri Lanka.  So very well done, interesting, and entertaining as well.  Lunch at Noodles, good again.

Wednesday was filled with various errands and finally walking to Old Town and eating at Stuft Burgers.  It was the best hamburger I have eaten in years.  About the time we got to the restaurant it started pouring rain and we didn't have the smarts to have taken any umbrellas or even a coat.  My youngest dauhghter ran back to DMA and got her car and came around the front and picked me up.  I just can't walk very fast anymore so we would have been soaked if I had walked back.

Today, Thursday, we went to Loveland and toured the Scuplture Park.  It is magnificent to say the least. I have not visited there for years and the city has enlarged it and improved the whole project and the bronze statues/sculptures are out of this world.  So beautiful and imaginative.  I can't even pick a favorite.  It was cloudy and overcast and it made the park even more beautiful as we walked around the paths that lead from one great scupture to the next.  Then we topped it off with Bingo tonight at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

So tomorrow, we will meet up at Lupitas Mexican Restaurant for breakfast and my daughter will be leaving for Longmont to visit her dad for a few days.  We will probably get together on Sunday for Mother's Day --- if we don't have a big snow storm.  That is the forecast, but as you know in Colorado -- one day can be snow and the next 90 degrees, and not ever very predictable.

It has been a wonderful week for me.  I can't thank my daughter enough for coming and spending some time with me.  I love her so very much.  So I will close a busy but contented week tomorrow.  Stay tuned, Patj

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