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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

On August 21 -- Happy Birthday # 83 To John E Johnson From Patj

Sort of an interesting fellow, wouldn't you say?  This picture was taken in late July, early August 1983.  The date is not exact, but it was shortly after I met John E Johnson.  This was after he decided he had to reveal his true self to me, as up until then, he had been acting like a "normal" person.  I have often thought it was a deep psychological way to protect his true self until he had a chance to know the other person first.  Then when it felt safe, just spring it on them and let the chips fall where they may.  But whatever the reason it certainly did get my attention.  I can still hear that loud roar as he came rumbling down the street in Berthoud Colorado, to see me that evening.  This was his beloved 1942 Harley Davidson "Knucklehead" and it had a sound like no other bike, ever.  It was his pride, his joy, and his best friend in a new place.  He had just recently transferred to Colorado from Montana.

An interesting fellow?  He was the most interesting fellow I had ever met.   This picture is when he was a young age of fifty one.  We were about to embark on a long and unique journey together.  A journey of twenty six years, and it covered so many experiences it is impossible to list them all.  But Harleys were a big part of most of that twenty six years.  This is when he felt the very best, riding his Harley.  

So today I wish him a happy eighty-third birthday.  He was my best friend, my husband, my person that kept me on the straight and narrow.  I imagine him riding free and easy on his Harley.  The wind in his face, smiling on the inside with that special feeling only found on a Harley.  Happy Birthday, John.  I am glad I got to know you.  RILYA, Patj 

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