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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Remembering A True Friend -- Kitty Girl

There she is in her favorite kitty bed.  She had many to choose from and this one was in the bedroom at 300 Remington Street in Fort Collins, Colorado.  She could watch what was going on outside and stay inside where it was nice and safe.  We had just moved to our bachelorette apartment after John died in 2009.  This was to be her last home, as in 2014 she had to pass on to another world.  Can you tell I miss her tonight? She was the gentlest, kindest, most loyal and loving person ever. Saying goodbye to her was not an easy thing to do.  It seems that I never get good at saying goodbye -- ever. I have had to do it so many times in my life, but that is not why I am writing tonight. The one picture John wanted to have at the rest home was of Kitty Girl. He loved her so much.

But, I am thinking this evening of when I first saw her.  It was near the end of June 2002.  I had gone to Gering, Nebraska to see my mom and Lee, I was there for my birthday on the 29th.  After we visited a while my mom said, "Oh, we have a cat now."

I wanted to see it and we went out to the attic over their garage building that had steps up to the storage area.  We all looked up the stairs to see if she would make an appearance.  Finally after much calling she peered down at us.  She was bedraggled, very thin, and scared.  She had been thru a rough time obviously.  Lee said, "Ok she can stay BUT she is not coming in the house!"  I said, "Hello Kitty Girl."  We didn't even know yet if it was a male or female but the name Kitty Girl seemed to fit her.

Mom set some food out for her and we went back in the house.  All I knew was that we had looked at each other, eye to eye, and connected.

A week later, when I called my mom she said, "Guess who is in the house now?"  Yes, Kitty Girl had moved in and in that short time had established her place in their home. They both loved that gentle Kitty Girl. That was her name for the rest of their lives and the rest of her life as well. She was a good and loving friend to them.

My mom died in March 2003 and Kitty Girl became Lee's best friend as he fought the loneliness after mom died.  Finally he moved to the Veteran's Home in Scottsbluff so Kitty Girl needed a home as no one that he knew wanted her.  John and I talked about it and told Lee we would take her.  It was a big decision as we already had a big old tom cat named Buster.

It was heartbreaking when we went over to get her.  Lee was so sad.  And we had to grab her real quick before she saw what was going on and we got her in her carrier.  All 160 miles home she cried and cried. We tried to drown it out by playing the radio and she just wouldn't stop. She cried all the way.  We were almost crazy by the time we got home.  Then there was the challenge of introducing another cat into our house when Buster had been king of the roost for so many years. There is another story about that on this blog called "The Mulberry Street Peace Accord".

But in the end, Kitty Girl won over everyone - including Buster. It was her gentle spirit and kind nature that did it. After Buster had to be put down she filled in that gap.  John loved her so much. She and I were sole companions after John died and I depended on her so much. She was loyal and loving.  I hope to meet her again in another world, as she is a special spirit.  The time she and John and I were a happy trio are happy memories. I miss Kitty Girl tonight and also all of the people that we knew and loved together.

I am grateful to have these memories. Good night to Kitty Girl & Company.  Patj

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