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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The World's Library --- WorldCat --- I Am On It

Find in a library with WorldCat

In preparing my latest lesson for the 2016 Genealogy Series at the Loveland Library, I was writing about WorldCat and what a wonderful resource it is.  I decided to test it with my own name as I have donated many writings to Allen County Library and the Family History Library. Here is the result of that search.

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There is much more, however, this gives you some of the first page of results.  It is good insurance that my genealogical work will endure. At least as long as libraries continue to exist.  If the world is ever without libraries it won't make any difference about my genealogical work.  WorldCat is an amazing resource for fidning books. Maybe Google Books will catch it someday but not for awhile.
Check it out at

Later, Patj

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