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Friday, August 19, 2016

Oh No -- Not Again -- August 16, 2016

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Look at my beautiful 2005 Toyota Prius. It was in perfect working order, the nicest car I have ever owned, almost up to my "Orange Bird" standard.  I figured it was the car that would last for the duration of my driving days.  That was until it met a huge Peterbilt truck pulling a very long horse trailer. A truck trying to make it through a very busy entry to a fast food mall along Interstate 25. Something like threading it through the eye of a needle. Something like fitting a size 12 foot into a size 6 boot.  It didn't fit and my Prius was the one that suffered for it.

It is terrifying to see something that big headed your way and hearing it collide with the drivers side front of the car and the trailer skimming down the side of my car ripping off the side view mirror before the driver got stopped. My mirror was entangled in the window of her horse trailer. 

When I finally got untangled, we looked it over and it didn't appear too badly damaged from the exterior. The mirror was hanging by a cord but the Prius didn't look too bad. My first thought was that if it was just a mirror it could be fixed easily. 

I made a u turn to go over to where she had parked her truck so we could get out of the driveway. My car did not want to move, something was holding it back. Then a huge red triangle showed up on my dash screen. I told her I would have to be towed home as there was something seriously wrong with my car. We exchanged insurance and contact information. She basically said. "While you are getting a tow truck I am going into Qdoba to eat."  A mere slight delay in her busy day. 

The end of the story is that I know after reconstructing the scene if I had been in a lesser car I would have been seriously hurt. That Toyota Prius was so well built and it withstood that terrible impact and didn't cave in on me -- the driver strapped in a trap. I am grateful to that car and to Heavenly Father for protecting me.  Am I angry? Yes, I was simply in her way and she was going thru no matter what and I am the one to pay.  But I have to let it go, and remember how lucky I was to survive it.

Stay tuned for the next development in the Pat's Cars Story. PS - Drive carefully and watch out for bullies on the road.  Patj

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