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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

A Nice Start To December 2016 - Dinner And The Civil War

Image result for Meredith Hall Fort Collins Colorado
Meredith Hall- St Joseph's Church

December 3, 2016 was a wonderful afternoon spent at St Joseph's Catholic Church. It was the annual Senior Dinner that they graciously host each year.  I have been attending it since 2009 when I lived at DMA Plaza and it was something several folks there attended.  At that time it was at another Catholic Church in Fort Collins and it was in November as it was a Thanksgiving Dinner for the seniors in the community.  I started going with neighbors Sharon C., and Bill Kim.  We rode together to the dinner in those first days. Eventually, it changed to a dinner held between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it moved to Meredith Hall at St Joseph's Church.  I usually call and make the reservations for the three of us and we meet there.  I have moved from DMA Plaza and so has Bill Kim, but we still go to the dinner with Sharon C.  This year we met a few other residents of DMA Plaza there and we all sat together at a large table.  It was sort of a reunion and it was so good to see old neighbors.

The dinner was excellent and served in great style.  No details were overlooked, and the room was beautifully decorated.  There was Christmas music which was nice while we ate.  I am guessing, but I would estimate there were 100-150 people there.  All quite dressed up and feeling festive.  It was a room filled with good old fashioned joy.  No other word for it -- JOY.  What a nice way to start the Christmas season.  Thank you to the parishioners at St Joseph for a wonderful afternoon.

On Monday December 5, 2016 I presented the program at the Fort Collins Civil War Round Table at 1 pm.  I like to prepare and present Power Point presentations and this group is always so gracious in letting me do that. I am not sure how many attended, maybe 50. It is hard to think about that when you are giving the program. My subject was Wives of Civil War Generals.  I did four Union wives, four Confederate wives and one Private's wife.  They were (from the Union) Mrs. General Benjamin Butler; Mrs General Joshua Chamberlain; Mrs. General Daniel Sickles;  Mrs. General Philip Sheridan; (from the Confederacy) Mrs. General Nathan Bedford Forrest; Mrs. General Stonewall Jackson; Mrs. General James Longstreet; Mrs. General George Pickett; and the Private's wife Mrs. Peter Thorn better known as Elizabeth Thorn, a Civil War heroine in her own right.  It was a nice afternoon, spent doing what I like to do.  And being with the nicest folks around is an added bonus.

So 2016 is closing in fine fashion.  It has been an eventful and fully loaded year and I am glad I was here to enjoy it.  I am looking forward to a great 2017, especially with a new great grand baby on the way and due to arrive in March. Stay tuned for further reports from your humble correspondent, Patj

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