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Friday, December 9, 2016

A Fun Party At Mimi's In Loveland - December 8, 2016

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What a wonderful party we had on December 8, 2016.  It was during our recent cold blast from who know where.  Almost too cold to breath outside.  Although it WAS a little warmer than the night before, when it was -0 by 6 pm.  But all you need to do to get a feeling of warm is to fill the room with genealogists.  Especially members of Larimer County Genealogical Society.  Spouses were there as well, and surely were used to hearing genealogy spoken.  The cold probably kept a few away, but it was hard to tell as our room was filled to the brim.  The first topic of conversation was the many accidents folks witnessed as they drove to Mimi's Cafe east of Loveland, Colorado.  Our President was half an hour late as she was stopped by two bad accidents as she traveled from north of Fort Collins. But that was all forgotten as folks started visiting and ordering and eating.  We heard some "hate mail to our ancestors" like WHO WAS THE FATHER OF YOUR SON? and why did you even marry a Smith, and then to name your son JOHN?  It was messages we have all thought of sending to them if it were possible. Then we all wrote four surnames on pieces of paper and as each table read them others in the room raised their hands if they had them as well.  The one that the most had in common was BAKER.  A couple of people actually connected with ancestors that were in common.  It was a fun game.  The evening was closed with the drawings for door prizes.  All were good, with some comments on the ones from Cold Stone Creamery for ice cream.  Those didn't sound so inviting on such a frigid night.  But their time will come for sure.  It was a nice evening and well worth the effort to get there.  Hopefully everyone arrived home okay.  Stay tuned for more reports of festivities.

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