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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trixie - 1956 - 1973

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I don't know why I have been thinking about Trixie lately.  It has been forty five years since she died, but I have been thinking about her quite a bit.  Maybe if I introduce you to her I can get over this feeling. Trixie came into our lives when Cindy was about age three. My stepdad, Laurel L Evelyn brought two puppies home to his house at 1815  P Street in Gering, Nebraska.  We lived in the basement apartment and he had me bring Cindy upstairs for a surprise.  The two puppies were in the big overstuffed chair, and he said to Cindy, "You pick what puppy you want."

One was Trixie, and the other one was her brother Skipper.  Of course they didn't have names yet, but these were the names for them eventually.  They were both cute as a button, as all puppies are. Skipper was a tan color and Trixie as you see her above.  

It took quite a bit of evaluation for a three year old to make a big decision like that.  She looked from one to the other several times.  Finally, she petted Trixie, and said she wanted her.  A very wise choice as Skipper turned out to be a scatter brained puppy that had no sense at all.  He was lovable and cute but not too smart.

Trixie was the opposite -- very smart and became a permanent part of our family until after Cindy was grown and married.  For fifteen years she went everywhere we went and was always part of the things we were going thru and moving from place to place with us.  She was never any trouble at all. So gentle and loving to us.  

I believe animals are a special gift Heavenly Father gives us to give us joy in life. Trixie was the best gift we could ever have had.  She adapted to what was going on in our lives and each stage of Cindy growing up.  Although she wasn't thrilled when a new baby came to us in 1962.  Too much noise and disruption for her I guess.  She was never a threat to Laurie, but she made it clear she liked things the way they used to be.  

Our last move with Trixie was when we moved to Colorado in 1971.  She adjusted just fine, but it wasn't long when she was starting to falter.  She was getting old and sick.  One day I had to make a hard decision.  It was a Saturday morning, she was not able to walk anymore and I knew the time had come to say goodbye to my faithful friend.  Longmont didn't have a Humane Society yet so I had to drive to Boulder to turn her over to be put to sleep.  It was a sad drive to Boulder and even sadder drive home.  I cried all the way there and all the way back home.  Little did I know this was the first of these things I would have to do in my lifetime.

I will never forget that day and I will never forget my loyal and loving friend, Trixie.  What a special spirit she was. Yes, I believe she had a spirit just like I do.  I hope that in the hereafter I will see her again.  


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