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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Busy Year of 2016 -- Maybe The Last Speaking Year

   Speaking Schedule as of December 8, 2016
1/4/2016  Civil War Roundtable Lady Spies Presb Church
1/11/2016  Mirasol (Repeat) Falling in Love/Ancestors Mirasol (LVLD)
1/14/2016   LDS    Church Lesson 4 Training Stake Center
2/16/2016   Friday's DAR Girl Power 1770's Meth Church
2/17/2016  LVLD Library End of the Story LVLD Lib
 3/12/2016  Mirasol The Day You Were Born Mirasol (LVLD)
3/16/2016  LVLD Library Land of Plenty LVLD Lib
4/14/2016  LDS Church Merilyn Lloyd Stake Center
4/20/2016  LVLD Library To Be Or Not To Be LVLD Lib
5/14/2016  LVLD Library Intro to Genealogy LVLD Lib
5/18/2016  LVLD Library The Tax Man LVLD Lib
5/20/2016  Faith Evang  Church Beg Genealogy Faith Church
5/30/2016  Columbine Care Center America's Last Soldiers Windsor
6/15/2016  LVLD Library Today's Gen Resources LVLD Lib
7/2/2016  Park Regency  Beginning Genealogy Loveland
7/14/2016  LDS Church Family Tree Lesson Stake Center
7/20/2016  LVLD Library World of Directories LVLD Lib
8/11/2016  Estes Park Gen Soc Connecting Anc & Hist     Estes Park CO
10/13/2016  LDS Church Family Tree Lesson Stake Center
    10/19/2016  PEO Chapter  Internet Genealogy LVLD Computer Lab
12/5/2016  Civil War Roundtable General's Wives Presb Church 

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