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Friday, April 28, 2017

10 Weeks Leave of Absence From This Blog! All Is Well!

     Hawaiian Sunset on March 6, 2017

Oh my goodness, I have been so lax in keeping up on this blog.  This sunset is on the day my 5th great grandchild was born in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.  His name is Kiko Nicholas Panetta. His parents are Logan Currie and Nick Panetta  He is also my daughter, Laurel's first grandchild.  We love him so much. Here he is yesterday April 27, 2017. Isn't he adorable?  I think he looks so wise and smart. I call him our Wonder Boy. That is a big name to live up to, but I know he can do it.
I guess I have been off of writing because I have been sort of down in the dumps, but today I woke up and I was full of energy (its been missing for awhile) and I had all sorts of things to get done. It was a great feeling to be back somewhat to normal.  I am happy that I got my list all completed and I am still feeling good!

In late March I had my first cataract surgery and came through with flying colors.  No complications at all.  Then April 12, the second surgery and now I am done except for the endless eye drops to be put in each day until the bottles are empty. I swear they are like manna from heaven and just keep filling themselves up in the middle of the night.  But is a small price to pay for the excellent vision I have now.  I was sort of tied down by not being able to drive at night in anything close to a safe manner. So now I am free of that restriction.

I was pretty busy helping the new President of the Larimer County Genealogical Society get his feet off the ground.  It was pretty time consuming but is smoothing out now.

I have also decided to retire from public speaking.  The first time I turned down an invitation this year I was tempted to relent, but decided to jump in with both feet and stick to my plan.  Its just too hard for me to drive long distances at night so I have to face the facts.  I am trying to lessen anxiety as much as possible.  However, I sure did enjoy the experience and chance to talk about genealogy to lots of people.

Another new thing is my hobby/relaxation tool of painting in adult coloring books. Its a great relaxer and I have something to show for it afterwards.  I read an article that said we should try to do what we enjoyed doing as a kid, I loved to color.  But I really like using colored markers rather than colored pencils. It is a fun thing and I try to do a picture per day.  I also liked to play jacks as a kid, BUT I couldn't do that now or if I got down on the floor I couldn't get back up, so that may not be the best way to fight anxiety (g)

At any rate I am feeling very good and I have been thinking all day about the LDS Hymn "Come Come You Saints"  The last words are "All Is Well" and that is the way I feel today.  All Is Well,

Stay tuned, I promise I will be back real soon -- not 10 weeks later.  Patj

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