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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sarah Elizabeth Bannon Jones 1841-1914

This is the last of the four survivng children of John Bannon and Margaret Hesser. I thought she was lost forever until I received her obituary from Marie in Auglaize Co Ohio. With her information I obtained the Death Certificate # and ordered it from Ohio Vital Records. It is wrought with errors. The informant was her daughter Amanda Ellen Jones Schaffer. Amanda apparently misunderstood the question about parents and stated HER parents rather than her mother's parents. The birth year is wrong (Sarah Elizabeth's parents married 18 April 1840 and I believe she was born 1841). I believe the day and month are probably correct. The age is wrong (she would be age 74). The father is wrong (her father is John Bannon). The mother is wrong (her mother is Margaret Hesser). I have also concluded that the Libby Jones listed as an inmate at the Auglaize County Infirmary in 1900 is indeed this same lady. I have that record and also the one from the Infirmary. She is listed as Libby in both the Infirmary record and her obituary. The number of children reported in the 1900 census matches her family. I am sure this lady led a very hard life. I have found that her daughter Amanda Ellen, died at the Auglaize Co Infirmary on 7 Oct 1949. So the bad luck seemed to continue from mother to daughter. I am satisfied to have finally completed the story of John Bannon's children and Elizabeth Van Buskirk's grandchildren.

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