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Monday, November 12, 2007

Reviewing Is A Good Thing!

When I was gathering the documentation to do my supplemental DAR application for Benjamin Clifton, I discovered something "new" that I have had in my possession since 1999! I was sending a copy of William L Van Buskirk's will of May 1862. William is the son of Juda Clifton and grandson of Benjamin Clifton. I was using it to show that he mentioned Sarah Johnson as his wife. However, as I re-read the document, something I had missed jumped out at me -- like a neon sign. He named his executor, William JACKSON Johnson. Of course, I have always known that this is Sarah Johnson's older brother. By "always knowing that" I had missed the middle name of JACKSON. William Johnson went by William J on all records -- except this one. It is significant because I am still looking for the maiden name of Sarah Johnson's mother, Sarah. 1800's naming patterns are a very important clue and often the only mention of the mother's maiden name is in the names of her sons. I am sure that Sarah, wife of Daniel B Johnson, is Jackson. I have done some quick preliminary searches, but with a common name like, Sarah Jackson, in the late 1700's in Kentucky, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, genealogists are so easy to please, just to have this little clue makes me a very happy camper. I have had harder mysteries than this and somehow have solved them, so I feel optimistic about Sarah JACKSON Johnson. She will be found!!

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