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Friday, November 30, 2007

A War of 1812 Military Bounty Land Warrant For Thomas Forrest

I thought you may be interested in how a war of 1812 Military Bounty Land Warrant looks. I am in the midst of writing about my 4th great grandfather, Thomas Forrest, and I have his Bounty Land Warrant application from NARA. In the file is this warrant for 40 acres. By the time he received it the US Congress, in 1855, passed a new law that allowed War of 1812 veterans to have 160 acres so Thomas returned this warrant and applied for one for 160 acres. Unfortunately he died before receiving the 160 acre warrant. His widow Margaret Brannon Forrest then applied for the 160 acres. As with her husband, she died before it was issued. Next her children applied for the 160 acre warrant and did finally receive it in 1860. The Revolutionary War and the War of 1812 both allowed the veteran, his children, and his grandchildren to file for any benefits he may have coming. Obviously, Congress changed that beneficiary rule by the time of the Mexican War. I will be writing more about Thomas and Margaret soon. I wanted to share this very old document before I get the story written.

If you click inside the image it will enlarge the image so you can read it.

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