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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Starting 2008!

Here it is January 5, 2008 and I haven't had a genealogical breakthrough yet! Of course, I haven't really tried to find one, but I can always hope something will miraculously appear. I have been busy finalizing my program for February 21. Also working on some things for Folsom Society, C.A.R. After a meeting next Tuesday I should be done with that for awhile. Then I guess I should start filing and sorting some of the many stacks of papers in my computer room. It is much more fun to find information than it is to put it away. I wish I had something more dramatic to report, but alas, the first of the new year always seems to be like this.

Oh yes, I began a bead craft project this week. Lee Johnston, my stepdad, lives in the Veteran's Home in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. He sent me a bead project that is proving to be quite a challenge. It is an American flag made of red, white and blue beads. It is about 12" x 18" and will be very pretty when I get it done, IF I get it done! I try to work on it a few hours a day. Yesterday I had to take out two rows of beads because I miscounted in following the pattern. It is definitely a diversion from my other hobbies. I will let you know about it by next April, if I get it done by then.

Well, I didn't want 2008 to get too old before I reported in. Check back soon, patj


GrandmaJ said...

It's good you are putting together your programs ahead of time. Good Luck with them. I know you will do a fine job. I certainly agree with you, the research is more fun than filing the notes to document the research. While you are working on the bead flag maybe some family history idea will come to mind.

GenPatty said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for stopping by.