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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Over Three Hundred Years Of The Name Oliver

Oliver James Lewis was born November 15, 2010. He carrries a very proud name and I really am pleased to tell the history of it in my family. Oliver is my great grandson #3.

His great great grandmother, Dorothy Olive Cary (my mother) born 29 Jan 1918 and died 14 Mar 2003
Next is her grandmother, Olive May Sanford born 17 May 1873 died 2 Jun 1917
Next is her grandfather, William Oliver Sanford born 21 Jul 1822 died 22 Jun 1914
Next is his great grandfather, Oliver Teall born 10 Feb 1723 died 1807
Next is his father, Oliver Teall born 19 Jul 1699 died 1780

It seems every three generation or so an Oliver is born in my family.  I wish a wonderful life for the newest Oliver in my FamilyTree.  As I said above, he carries a very proud name for such a little fellow.  I wouldn't be surprised if there is rejoicing going on somewhere at an "Oliver Reunion".


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Chad Lewis said...

Thanks Grandma!! We love you!