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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Great Year -- 2010 -- More To Come In 2011

 Merry Christmas from Fort Collins, Colorado.  As 2010 winds down it is time for me and KittyGirl to say goodbye to a good year.  It has been an interesting and busy one. So many nice things have happened to us.  With a trip to Salt Lake City in July and visiting family, to speaking engagements, to taping a TV show, to enjoying our new home, and new neighbors, it has been very good.  Of course, all KittyGirl needs is to have a warm place to nap, lots of soft beds to lay in, and plenty of gourmet cat food.  I, on the other hand, need a bit more outside contact. 

I have met so many new people where I live.  Getting more involved with the Larimer County Genealogical Society opened  up many new friendships as well, and Friday's Council Tree Chapter, DAR is growing by leaps and bounds so I have many new friends from that.  One of the most interesting projects was the taping of a local TV show about Genealogy.  And of course, the best of all was my new great grandson, Oliver James Lewis arriving in November.  Another twig on the Family Tree.  And that is what life is all about to me.

Finding my new musical favorite ranks right up there for blessings. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole has such a fabulous voice. He is called "Iz" because no one can easily pronounce his last name. I listen to him every day. If you Google "Israel" Hawaii you will find audios of him.  I hope I can take my CD of him with me to SLC otherwise I may have withdrawal pains from not hearing him for a week.  Hey wait a minute -- I am taking my netbook and I have an external CD player for it -- problem solved!  Iz lives in good company with my other favorites, The Beatles, Neil Diamond, and Cat Stevens, oh yes, throw Hank Snow in there as well. And I received a beautiful ukele for Christmas so I will be playing with Iz before you know it.

I am so grateful for the place I live. The Plaza, Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado ---- it is a privilege to live here. This has been a definite adventure -- learning to live in an "almost" dormitory atmosphere.  Its fun.

I am so lucky to have a chance to go to Salt Lake City again the day after Christmas.  Four more days at the Family History Library.  The place is a genealogist's dream and I plan to make every minute count.  I would really have to move there to get everything done on my list.  I plan to concentrate on John Goulden (of USS Rattletrap fame) and Rowley Marders, an ancestor I know very little about but hope that changes soon.  And then there are many others waiting in the wings.  Of course, I hope to add to my collection of American Revolutionary Patriot ancestors.  Twenty nine is just not enough.

Upcoming events are several presentations. At the Family History Center on January 6, the Larimer County Genealogical Society on February 17, the Cheyenne Geneaolgical Society on March 8.  After that who knows what may happen?  Needless to say, I enjoy giving genealogical presentations.

I hope to have time to write some stories this year as well.  So I wish for you, all of the good things you need to have a great year.  Actually, a good year to me is good health, both physical and mental, good friends, just enough prosperity, and a positive outlook.  Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011!!   patj 

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Chad Lewis said...

Please let us know. You are more than welcome to stay here. We'd love to see you while you are in Utah.

Love - Chad, Zoe and Oliver