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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Real Blossom Of Lights - Denver Botanical Gardens

What a delightful experience December 7, 2010 was. The flags flying at half mast for Pearl Harbor Day made this a sepcial day as I remembered where I was on December 7, 1941.  This was also the day I went to Denver for the Blossoms of Lights Tour at the Denver Botanical Gardens. It was two months ago that my friend, Diane, and I signed up for the tour offered by the Aspen Club in Fort Colllins.

Finally the day arrived and it dawned gray, cold and overcast. But by the time I drove to the pick up point the day was sunny and bright --- still cold but nice.  The crowd for the tour was so big the Aspen Club had to hire a second bus.  The buses were huge and very luxurious.  It was such a pleasure to sit back and let the driver take all the risks and handle the traffic worries.  Barb, the manager at Cloverleaf was in the seat behind me and we had a chance to catch up on what has been happening there since I moved a year ago. We stopped at Loveland and picked up the passengers from the Loveland area and were finally on our way to Denver.  The bus was full of people of all ages and descriptions and we were all busy visiting and chatting while the driver headed to our first destination, The White Fence Farm.  We arrived in the thick of Denver rush hour traffic and I esecially appreciated the bus driver's composure.

We pulled into the White Fence Farm parking lot and filed into the restaurant and found our tables.  The restaurant was beautifully decorated and the grounds were as well.  It is on Jewell Street between Sheridan and Wadsworth.  The meal was served family style and featured their specialty, fried chicken.  Of course, being  a vegetarian I just ate the side dishes and I was impressed with how delicious they were.  It was topped off with a big hot fudge sundae.  We visited with the ladies sitting next to us and for a brief moment they were in our lives. I was stuffed by the time we boarded the bus for the last part of our trip.
By then it was dark and it was sight to see Denver all aglow.  As we traveled east through the downtown area it was neat to see the apartment houses decorated and small houses in downtown lit up.  The town had a festive air to it.  But that was nothing compared to the sights at the Denver Botanical Gardens.  It was a virtual wonderland with trees all lit in various colors and the walk ways and walls decorated with giant snowflakes and other beautiful things.  The crowd was a mix of young and old and all ages in between. It was bitter cold and I was thankful there was no wind as that would have been miserable.  We went to the inside entrance and warmed up then headed for the bus where it was nice and warm.  Finally we were all boarded and ready to depart for home.

But to me, the best was yet to come as the bus driver took a scenic route down Colfax passed the Capitol and the Denver County & City Building.  The Capitol wasn't decorated but it was lit and the Co & City Building was decorated beautifully.  He pulled over and sat there for a few minutes so we could enjoy the lights.  Then he headed for I-25 and north to Fort Collins.  What a beautiful city Denver is, especially at Christmas time.  I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and was able to look around which I can't do when I am driving.  I have to say it was a trip to remember as it was all so beautiful.  What a blessed people we are to live in a wonderful counry like America!!  May we always be so blessed.

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