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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Remembering Ronald Evelyn 1932-2014

Today I learned of the passing of my step brother, Ronald Evelyn.  I am very sad to hear that news. My mother married his dad in December 1950.  Ron lived with his grandparents, Mr and Mrs Dixon, but visited us often and then he joined the US Air Force after graduating from high school.  After returning from the service he lived with my mom and step dad until he married in 1954.  He and my brother David, shared a bedroom in the house at 1815 P Street.  To all it seemed that we were real siblings.

It was Ron and David that tied tin cans and other paraphanalia to our car when I married Richard Meier in August 1952.  It was Ron that comforted my mom when his dad died in 1967.  It was Ron that came to my brother's funeral in California in 1980.  Ron and Lorna always included my mom in their family events and celebrations.

Our lives went different directions over the years, but in the clinches, we were family.  There are all kinds of families, not aways blood relations.

All I can think of to say is, "Farewell, dear friend, rest in peace."   Patj

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