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Friday, December 5, 2014

Berriman McLaughlin & Farewell To 2014

The book about my 4th great grandfather, Berriman McLaughlin, is not going to be done by the end of 2014.  My goal when I started this project was to have it done for my "2014 book".  I try to add one book a year to my collection of books.  2014 ended up being a very busy year for me, so I had to keep setting it aside.  Now, in December, I am back at it, but I won't get it completed soon.  But I wanted to give it recognition at least, and I will be talking about it more when it is finished.

The project became very interesting due to my plan to study each of Berriman's twelve children, and write about them as well.  It seemed a fairly simple idea, until I started studying these folks and found all sorts of mysteries.  An unknown wife for a son, a different maiden name for another son's wife, unknown children for a grandson.  They are a very interesting group of people.  So stay tuned for a full report when the book is done.

As far as a farewell to 2014, I can only say it has been a very nice and busy year.  I have facilitated quite a few genealogy classes. I did a Land Records Workshop with a dear friend and fellow genealogist of mine.  I have designed and taught a nine week Family History Class for my Church Ward.  The calling of Family History Consultant has kept me busy since the class because several people sort of caught the "genealogy bug".  I spoke at the Loveland Stake Family History Fair in April. This was a neat experience as it was in connection with Roots Tech the largest Genealogy Conference ever with about 10,000 people attending in Salt Lake City.  After that conference Church Stakes can use some of the recorded programs and combine it with some local speakers to give other geographical areas the advantage of the programs/classes shown at Salt lake City.  300 people attended the Loveland Stake Family History Fair.  It was quite successful and very well organized.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

I said farewell to some very special people this year.  My dear friend, Mary Zebley, passed away in April.  My step brother, Ron Evelyn, passed away in October.  And closer to home, my forever friend, Kitty Girl, died on September 11.  Nothing can ever replace the spot she holds in my heart. What a sweet and gentle four legged friend she was.

I did make one new friend however, this is the first full year of driving my Toyota Prius.  I had so much to learn about this vehicle.  It is not like any car I have ever owned.  But I have to say that so far it has been a pleasure.  It has to go a bit to beat out "Orange Bird" as the best car ever, but it is certainly in the running.

2014 has been a very good year.  Two visits with Laurie, and two visits with Cindy make it a good year.   New friends, Mimi, Peg, Rebecca, Ruth Ann, and DeNae from Church add to the feeling of gratefulness.

2015 is already looking busy as well --- so expect a full report this tme next year.  Until then, I wish you the very best.  Patj

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