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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Berriman McLaughlin & Company

Yesterday I brought Berriman McLaughlin & Company back into the computer office.  He has been waiting in a box for about six weeks, because I couldn't stand to look at the stack of papers and be reminded that I had to put him aside for awhile.  My 2014 goal was to have my book about him done by year end ---- but many things got in the way, so he was exiled to the box until further notice.

But finally, I had a breather and decided to get started once again on this book.  Berriman McLaughlin had eleven children that grew to adulthood.  I plan to write about each of them, their family and their life.  I am currently writing about child number five! She is daughter Elizabeth who married Elisha Petty first and second to Lyman B Darrow. Elizabeth died in her forties.  Would you say I have a way to go with six more children?  My goal now is to be done by year end 2015, but no guarantee.  

That is the reason for the title Berriman McLaughlin & Company. As I study these folks I find such interesting personalitites and unknown events that I linger way too long on each child. They are the major stockholders and partners in the "Company". 

When I started this project I felt it would be a fairly short and easy job.  These people looked, at first glance, like typical frontier people that led fairly ordinary lives.  What a delightful surprise to find not one of them is anywhere near typical at all.  But then, I shouldn't be surprised since every person has a story worth telling.

It is definitely a labor of love and respect to write about Berriman McLaughlin & Company.  Of course, I have a hidden agenda. I am hoping to find a slight, if even tiny, clue as to Catherine French's parents.  But even if that does not happen it is fun to study her family.  Patj



imgrandpasmokey said...

Dear Ms. Johnson,
It may be presumptuous, but perhaps not wrong to greet you as "Dear Cousin." I too am a descendent of Daniel McGlaughlin, by way of his son William. My mother has recently been expanding upon the work that her mother started years ago when she registered with the DAR. My mother just provided me with a binder of all of her notes including your biographic information on Daniel McGlaughlin. THANK YOU so much for all of your work. It is a highlight of the notes I have. I had heard some of the lore from my grandmother but to see it in print and confirmed from another source adds to the credibility. Thank you again.
I would welcome your reply.
David Riggs

GenPatty said...

Hello Cousin David,
Yes, your ancestor, William McLaughin is one of my favorite people. Too bad he lived a fairly short life. I especially love the story of him and Berriman in "The Adventures of the McLaughlin Brothers". William was quite an adventurer. I hope to get my book about Berriman done this year -- if things quiet down for me this summer that is. I will donate a copy to the FHLibrary in SLC when done. It is good to hear from another descendant of our Daniel and Mary Key McLaughlin. We can be especially proud of them. Mary Key is on my to do list as well. Keep in touch. Pat Johnson, Fort Collins, Colorado,