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Friday, March 13, 2015

March 11, 2015 Speaking At Longmont, Colorado

What a beautiful day this was. I drove the back way to Longmont so I could enjoy the scenery.  I like County Line Road as it cuts through the beautiful farm land and I can look at the "not so busy" areas.  The day was warm and sunny and perfect as I traveled to Longmont for my presentation there at 1:30.  The Longmont Genealogical Society is one of my favorite places to speak.
The folks are always so friendly and kind. It was good to see Margaret K, the Society President, and meet Kay who is Vice President and in charge of programs.  Of course, the presentation is a piece of cake compared to the anxiety in setting up the electronic equipment. That is the best show of all. Every set up is a different animal.  I have become pretty good at figuring most systems out, but there is always that unexpected glitch that I have to figure out.  But like every other time the set up was good and the program was ready to roll.

My friend Harry R gave me the newspaper article that was in the Longmont Times-Call for the day. That was nice to see my name "in lights".  From that you can see what my subject was.  All in all, it was a very pleasant day and I enjoyed it immensely.

This is the Church where the LGS has the pleasure of meeting.  It is a nice big hall with plenty of room. The turnout today was enough to fill the hall comfortably.

After I was finished at the Genealogical Society I drove out to see Cindy and Don. I haven't been there for about a month due to the bad weather we have been having in February and March.  It was good to see them and they had fixed tacos and we all had a good supper and a few laughs as well. Cindy is recovering so well, I am amazed. I finally left about 7pm and headed back to Fort Collins. As always, it was good to get home.  It would be better if I still had my special little friend, Kitty Girl waiting for me.  But that is life, full of changes and sometimes not so peasant changes.

It was a wondeful day, seeing old friends, having a well received presentation, a beautiful drive, and seeing family as well.  Have I mentioned lately that I have the best life imaginable?  I am so blessed and so grateful.  Until later, Patj

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