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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Done 27 October 2015 --- Berriman McLaughlin --- 1776-1850

Finally I have finished this book.  Started in 2013 and intended to be finished in 2014 it is almost one year overdue.  Due to many interruptions and events of the last two years it was shoved to the back burner many times.  The last and most time consuming challenge was entering the end notes and there are plenty of them. 

I can write like a wide open faucet, but entering the endnotes slows me down to a tiny drip of the faucet.  This book in particular had many sources as it covers what I know about Berriman, his wife Catharine, and their twelve children.  It was an experience in finding new information about people that lived so long ago.  For a genealogist it was the best of all fun.  We basically are private detectives at heart.  

I have proof read it so many times I know it all by heart.  Of course, this leads to streamlining and clarifying the text.  This evening I finally declared it finished.

The next step is to take it to InkWorks and get an estimate of the printing cost.  Then it will be shared with libraries in the various places that Berriman McLaughlin lived.  And of course, my two favorite places to donate, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City and the Allen County Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana will get a copy.  My theory is to have a copy in many places in case my material gets destroyed in the future.  I figure libraries are bound to be around for a long time.

So this book will be shared from West Virginia to Ohio and to Illiniois.  It has been a companion for so long there is a bit of sadness to finishing it.  It is like saying good bye to a friend.   But I know it is good to be done and get it out there where maybe other descendants may find it and learn a few new things about these wonderful ancestors.

I can breathe a big sigh of relief and a feeling of a job well done.  Stay tuned for any further results of this book.  Maybe I will even learn some answers that I still have about the McLaughlins.  That is always our quest in this business. 



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